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Making Arrangements for a Deceased Pet

By September 1, 2013Pet Trusts

A beloved pet can truly become a member of the family.  They fill our lives with unconditional love, affection and acceptance.  Despite our flaws and imperfections, our pets always think we are simply the best! For these reasons, we love our pets and cherish their time with us.

Just as you would make funeral arrangements for a deceased family member, many are now choosing to make such arrangements when their pets pass away.  In fact, pets now have every option that humans have after a death – and more.  A deceased pet may be buried, cremated, given a funeral, preserved through taxidermy or freeze-drying, memorialized and even turned into a diamond (LifeGem uses cremated ashes to create synthetic diamonds).  These services are rapidly becoming increasingly popular– by leaps and bounds!

Most companies in the industry report major increases in sales every year – increases unheard of in other industries.  In fact, less than a decade ago there were only a handful of facilities that provided pet aftercare services.  Today there are over 700 nationwide, with more opening continually.

Depending on your wishes, you can give your pet the aftercare services you choose and have them memorialized in a way that is meaningful to you.  This is a wonderful advancement for those who have beloved pets they wish to honor and cherish after death.

We have often encouraged our clients to create pet trusts to ensure their pets are protected if they outlive them.  In your pet trust, you are able to designate who will care for your pet, the way they should be cared for and also set aside funds to pay for their care.  Today’s options for deceased pets also give you the opportunity to pre-plan for your pets needs after their life has ended.  If you choose, you can leave funds to pay for the services you want to be done for your pet, designating your wishes in regard to their aftercare arrangements.

The options for pet-lovers are ever increasing, and we are pleased that estate planning provides a means to ensure that those wishes are carried.  To discuss your options with a qualified MH estate planning attorney, simply call 888.222.1328 to schedule your free consultation today!

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