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Join a Morris Hall Webinar and Plan for Your Future, Today!

Learn the Ins and Outs of Estate Planning from the Comfort of Your Own Home

What You’ll Learn

  1. Updates to the SECURE Act that can help keep your nest egg safe
  2. How the CARES Act can affect your minimum distributions
  3. The importance of up-to-date documents and plans
  4. How to create a living will
  5. The importance of choosing the right health care agent
  6. How to match your estate plans to your financial and retirement goals
  7. How to keep your family protected

Our webinar series is designed to walk you through the various avenues of estate planning, from keeping up with yearly industry changes to protecting your legacy. Each virtual class is taught by industry professionals with decades of experience working with Arizona and New Mexico residents and families just like you. You can be sure you’re getting up-to-date information and tips that are rarely shared with the public.

At Morris Hall, we’re committed to helping our clients build estate plans that work with their lives and secure their futures. However, without the guidance of an experienced attorney, mistakes in planning are far easier to make, and unfortunately, mistakes can be costly. The great news? Those same mistakes can be avoided entirely.