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Morris Hall prides itself on providing our clients a Premier Estate Plan, so that your loved ones can deal with difficult times a
little easier. However, questions arise and your personal situation may change. You deserve the peace of mind gained by getting answers. By joing the Premier Legacy Program you gain peace and your loved ones gain your legacy.

Save Thousands.

Being connected to our legal team helps you get timely help and information without being billed hourly.



A Wealth of Benefits

All Morris Hall clients are given basic benefits that are included in setting up a trust. However, trusts and other estate planning documents may require regular maintenance to stay up-to-date with current laws and personal situations. Our benefits are built to better protect your assets and better protect your loved ones
upon your passing.

Have Confidence.

Free, consistent reviews help you to have the peace of mind that your documents are always up-to-date.




• 10% discount on future estate planning services
• Free email access to our paralegals and attorneys
• Priority phone access to our attorneys or paralegals
• Annual Family* meeting with attorney
• Documents, upon request, sent via email or fax
• 1 hour, 3 year review (in person)
• Annual Docubank membership
• Invitation to exclusive speakers and events
• Annual review with Medicare specialist
• Annual review with our team of financial professionals
• Assistance in completing financial forms & applications


Annual Family* Meeting with Attorney

We believe open communication with loved ones about your estate plan is one of the surest ways to help them know their role and to have a better understanding of your wishes before they need to be implemented.
*If family member not applicable, a future trustee


Annual Docubank Membership

If an accident were to occur, emergency personnel need immediate access to your advanced healthcare directives.
Docubank allows these emergency personnel providers immediate digital access to your health care documents so that your instructions are followed.

Annual Review with our Team of Financial Professionals

Our coordinated team of financial professionals help bridge the gap between estate planning and financial strategy. You may have questions regarding investments and potential health risks that only get more expensive at the end of life. We believe it is important to have a coordinated strategy for how you approach your investments as well as protect against costly health events. These strategies include:
• Annual life insurance audit & review
• Annual disability insurance audit & review
• Annual long-term care audit & review
• Investment portfolio review & analysis
• Invitations to exclusive speakers on the economy, real estate and more.

Annual Review with Medicare Specialist

A review with a Medicare specialist enables you to identify benefits you may not be utilizing, how you may prepare for the future, what steps should be taken now, and much more.


Free Email Access to Our Paralegals and Attorneys

While you do have priority phone access, we also understand that sometimes answering a question via email can be the best solution for your personal situation.
With email access, our attorneys or paralegals will be able to respond in a timely manner and provide the assistance/recommendations that you need.

For Your Legacy: We see this program as an invaluable resource to benefit you and your loved ones who will be affected by your passing. We strive to give you the best opportunities and resources to feel confident in the legacy you are leaving behind.

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