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It’s About Estate Planning…and So Much More

By September 12, 2013Estate Planning

You can integrate your various planning with your estate plan

At Morris Hall we focus our legal practice on estate planning to provide the best possible protection for your most important assets – your family.  However, to provide our clients with a full-circle of protection, we have financial, accounting and real estate divisions to handle all aspects of your planning and ensure that everything integrates together perfectly.

Basic or advanced – we do it all!

Whether you are in need of a basic estate plan or you have a more complex situation that requires advanced planning – we’ve got you covered!  MH can help you with planning for the most complex of situations – whether it’s a complicated family situation or you have a number of companies or corporations that need to be incorporated, we can help you ensure that everything is properly protected.

Flat fees let you get help when you need it, without surprise costs

At MH we charge a flat fee for your documents, a fee which includes free future reviews, phone calls for advice and consultations after the passing of a loved one.  At other law firms you would be charged by the hour.  If you called the attorney to ask a simple question, you’ll receive a bill for the duration of the call.  These surprise costs can really add up.  Avoid surprise fees and get the help you need with MH!

We are here for you during times of need

The hardest time that any of us will face in our lives is upon the death of a loved one.  Not only do we feel grief and loss, but we are faced with a great number of difficult decisions that must be made immediately. It is often difficult to know where to turn and what to do next.  We encourage our clients to call us after a loved one is incapacitated or passes away.  We help them navigate the complicated waters of administering the trust and taking care of the assets.

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