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Italian Woman Gives Over $2.5 Million in Property to Her Dog and Not Her Daughter or Grandchildren

Recently an Italian woman bequeathed all of her property, valued at approximately $2.5 million, to her beloved dog.  The 84-year-old woman signed the will and had her lawyer attest to the document in order to ensure her dog receives the best of care if her pet should outlive her.

Technically, bequeathing property to a domestic animal has no legal force under Italian law.  However, by assigning an individual or entity as the executor of their will, a person can ensure that the animal receives the rights to the valuables and is given a worthy life.  In fact, in estate planning you can even lay out guidelines for the care and maintenance of your pet – getting as specific as you wish.  As long as the funds are provided, the animal will be expected to be given that treatment by law.

In this case, the elderly Italian woman chose to list her attorney as the executor of her will, trusting him to make certain her dog was cared for accordingly.  The choice this woman has made regarding her estate is especially surprising as she does have a daughter and several grandchildren.  Most individuals choose to have the majority of their funds go to their children and grandchildren, even while still ensuring that their pets are cared for.

We do believe that each individual has the right to choose how their assets are distributed, even if it may not be in accordance with the popular opinion.  While many would state that these assets should have gone to her child and grandchildren, the assets are hers to do with as she chooses.  This is a reason that we strongly recommend living trusts – they allow each person the ability to plan as they choose and to know their wishes will be carried out accordingly.

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