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Isn’t my Financial Power of Attorney Good Enough While I’m Alive?

By November 20, 2014Probate

When we think of “Probate” most of us think that at our death this is how our “stuff” is distributed to our families. This is called a Death Probate. However, a probate can also happen when we are alive, but unable to handle our medical and financial affairs. This is called a Living Probate, hence, a probate while we are living.

A Living Probate is a court process essentially called a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship proceeding. This process requires a person to be appointed by the court to be able to make the medical and/or financial decisions for the incapacitated person. There are many disadvantages of a Guardianship/Conservatorship proceeding. The process is open to the public, time consuming, humiliating and expensive. On average, the cost of a Guardianship/Conservatorship is $5,000-$10,000. And, worst of all, the incapacitated person loses control of who is ultimately appointed.

A properly executed Financial Power of Attorney should allow the nominated agent the authority to manage the financial account(s) owned by the incapacitated person. However, sometimes there are financial institutions that have their own internal policies that require additional paperwork to be completed at the same time the Power of Attorney is being presented. It’s a catch twenty-two, because the reason the Power of Attorney is being used is because the person is incapacitated, so they would be unable to complete any additional paperwork at that time. Unfortunately, a court process to initiate a Conservatorship would have to happen for someone to be in charge of the particular account(s).

Depending upon the size of your estate, there may be alternative estate planning options to assure that your loved ones would never have to go through a Living Probate. Contact one of our estate planning attorneys for a no-cost consultation to review your individual situation.

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