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Important Health Care Considerations for the Elderly

There are common considerations that every elderly individual should follow, or they will lead to the “common mistakes” that are often made by the elderly.  As we age, it is important that we plan for changes in our life – we may have impaired abilities, we may not be able to cover our care expenses, perhaps we will need to rely on the assistance of others or we may be one of the lucky few that face very few complications as they age.  Because we do not have a crystal ball to tell us what our future holds, it is important that we prepare in advance.

Should you still be driving?

It can be difficult to give up the independence of driving, however, if you are no longer competent to drive, you are putting others’ lives at risk.  As you age, you should have your driving evaluated about every 5-7 years to ensure you are not endangering yourself or others.

Don’t be stubborn

Many elderly individuals choose not to use resources that could provide them special relief and assistance.  There is often a strong resistance to medical devises like walkers or hearing aids which could significantly help, but are refused due to an unwillingness to accept aging and its effects.

Accept help that’s offered and ask for help when needed

In most every case, family and friends are very willing to assist, but often simply do not know what to do.  Do not hesitate to ask for assistance and to accept help when offered.  You have spent your life helping to care for others, let them return the favor.

See your doctor regularly

Avoiding the doctor will not make medical conditions go away, in fact, it will generally cause a more rapid decline in health.  Make certain that you see your doctor(s) regularly and listen closely to any advice.  By going in regularly and at the first sign of any medical concerns, you can catch problems early, usually assuring a quicker and easier treatment path.  If you have difficulty remembering the details, have a loved one attend with you and ask them to take notes.

Make adjustments

If you are struggling with mobility, memory or illness as you age, you may have to make adjustments to your lifestyle and your home to make things easier for you.  Make these changes as needed to ensure you are able to function at your best by minimizing distractions and hazards.

Plan for the inevitable

While death can come at any time, the possibility grows as we age.  In your elder years, if you have yet to create a Living Trust and set your affairs in order, it is time that you do.  If you have already created a plan, make sure to review it every 3-5 years to ensure it is still current with the law and your situation.  Speak with your loved ones and discover if there are items that they find particularly sentimental and make a record of who will receive those items.  By doing this, you can avoid putting your family and friends through even greater strain after your death.

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