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How Can I Lower My Estate Taxes? Phoenix Attorney Gives Valuable Suggestions

By January 7, 2013Estate Planning

How does it feel when you have paid taxes your entire life only to be potentially hit with the largest tax when you die?  Depending on your situation, it can really sting, and a large portion of what you planned on leaving to your beneficiaries may end up going to Uncle Sam.

There are a number of options out there that can assist in avoiding various taxes, but it is important to understand that each person's situation and needs are different.  It is very important to talk to a qualified estate planning attorney to avoid making costly mistakes.

The main idea is to try and reduce the size of your estate, thereby reducing the amount of your estate that is exposed to estate taxes.  For example, if you or your spouse has a large life insurance policy, you can create an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) to protect these funds from adding to your estate for estate tax purposes.  This can be funded with either a new policy or an existing policy, but it is important to note that if an existing policy is placed into an ILIT there is a 3-year look back period.  If the insured dies within the 3 years then the value of the policy can be brought back into the estate for estate tax purposes.  An ILIT with a new policy does not have a look back period.  Simply speaking, if the ILIT “owns” the policy then it is not counted in your estate because it is no longer under your name.  This is a very simplistic definition and is meant to convey only the basic principle of minimizing an estate size for taxation purposes.

Another option to minimize your estate for taxation purposes is to strategically use your lifetime gifting exemptions.  If you have property or other assets that may have a depressed value currently but have the potential for future growth, you can gift using today's dollars and eliminate not only the assets current value from your estate but also the future growth.

These are only two very basic tools that can be used to lower the value of your estate and thus lowering the amount your estate will owe in estate taxes.  There are many other options available, such as a Qualified Personal Residence Trust to get a valuable home out of an estate or a Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership.  Each situation is different but a customized plan can be created for you and your family to specifically address your needs and concerns.

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