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Having a Plan in Place Before You Need One

For the past two weeks, my beautiful 17 month-old niece has been staying with me.  My sister had an overseas work trip and my family was more than happy to add an extra kid to the household for a short time.  She’d been with me for two days when she started tugging at her ears- in my experience, a sure sign of ear infection.

Now, my sister and her partner (who is also an attorney) had discussed executing a document giving me temporary guardianship and the ability to make medical decisions, should the need arise while the baby was in my care.  Busy lives got in the way and the document was never executed.  As a result, when I needed to take the baby to the pediatrician, we all scrambled to get paperwork in order.  All in all, while inconvenient, it was not a big deal.

The experience got me thinking about how often people put off executing documents because life gets in the way.  In this case, the inconvenience was minor.  However, working in Estate Administration, I see cases where the lack of estate planning or healthcare documents is more than inconvenient- whole families can be adversely impacted.

My point is that if you wait until you have a pressing need to create or update your estate planning documents, you or your family could be faced with more than mere inconvenience.  Creating Trust and Healthcare documents while in good health ensures that your wishes will be carried out in the time of need.

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Andrea ClausContributed by MH Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney Andrea Claus.

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