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Happy Presidents Day!

By February 20, 2012Holidays

Did you know that Presidents Day was originally celebrated as Washington's Birthday, and was the first federal holiday created to honor an American citizen? George Washington's birthday was originally implemented as a holiday for the District of Columbia by an act of congress in 1880 and was expanded to include all federal offices in 1885. This holiday was originally celebrated on Washington's actual birthday, February 22, but was moved to the third Monday in February at the beginning of 1971.

The holiday didn't receive the term "Presidents Day" until the mid 1980s. The concept is that it should be entitled as "Presidents Day" in order to celebrate both Lincoln's birthday (February 12) and Washington's birthday, as well as the general office of the United States President. The title Presidents Day has now become the most common term for this holiday, although it is, to this day, not the official name.

At Morris Hall, we feel that America is the greatest country there is! No where else are there such freedoms as in our society. However, with those freedoms comes a great responsibility to partake in the processes that ensure our country's future. One of these important responsibilities is to vote for leaders that we feel will direct our country's future in the best interest for all. This is especially critical as we are currently in the midst of a Presidential election, which will be voted upon this November. We should all take part in this vital process of election that sets our nation apart and gives each and every one of us a say in the future of our beloved country!

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