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Happy Memorial Day!

By May 26, 2014Holidays, Other

Memorial Day was originally titled Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War.  This holiday was created to honor and commemorate the fallen Union soldiers.  By the 20th century, the holiday was changed to Memorial Day and was extended to honor all Americans who have died serving their country in any war.


In some areas of the south, annual Decoration Days are still celebrated.  There is generally not an exact day in which it occurs, as the original holiday did not have an exact day, but it is generally on a Sunday in May or June.  Families gather together at the graves of their ancestors, a religious service is done and then a pot luck “dinner on the ground” takes place.  It is believed that this practice most accurately reflects the original observance of Memorial Day (while known as Decoration Day).


Currently, Memorial Day has become a commonly observed and celebrated three-day weekend, best known for American-style barbecues, swimming, national media events, shopping and sales, and fireworks.  Most importantly, record numbers of families take trips to local graveyards to visit the graves of those who have served our nation, remembering loved ones that have passed away while protecting our freedoms.


We express gratitude and honor all who have served our country and sacrificed their lives in order to protect the many freedoms we enjoy.  May you be remembered and honored on this holiday and everyday!  And we also thank and honor the families that have seen brothers, fathers, mothers, wives, daughters and sons go forth in the protection of the United States of America.


Bless our troops!

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