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Happy Labor Day!

By September 3, 2012Holidays
The First Labor Day Parade

The First Labor Day Parade

Labor Day is a national holiday that serves as a means to recognize and celebrate the economic and social contributions of all the workers in our great country.  This holiday was first made official in the state of Oregon in 1887.  In 1894 over thirty states officially celebrated the holiday, and it was made into an official federal holiday.  In fact, the holiday was rushed into an official status after the deaths of a number of workers were caused by the US military and US Marshals during the Pullman Strike.  In part to avoid any further conflict, the legislation was rushed through and unanimously made a law in only six days!

Over the years, Labor Day has also come to be a celebration that is symbolizes the end of summer.  This was reinforced because most schools would start the new school year after the summer break and on the day after Labor Day.  While most schools start prior to Labor Day now, the holiday still is often seen as the end of summer and the end of families’ beach vacations.

Whether you celebrate this holiday by relaxing with a good book, having the last swim and barbeque of the season, or by starting your fall garden, we hope you have a happy Labor Day and enjoy the rest from your labors!

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