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Grow Something Green - Starting Today, the First Day of Spring!

By March 20, 2012Preparedness

Did you realize that today, March 20, is officially the first day of spring? For those in Arizona, it feels like spring has already been around for awhile. But in New Mexico the weather has just really started to warm up. Today begins one of the most beautiful and active times of year. Everything comes to life during this season! Plants begin to grow rapidly, the birds come back in full force and more people are venturing out to enjoy the great outdoors. The world seems to be awakening from its wintery sleep.

One great way to celebrate the beginning of spring is to grow something green! Enjoy the beautiful weather and get your hands dirty planting flowers, fruits or vegetables of your choice. There are few things more rewarding and fascinating then watching the process of a tiny seed or seedling growing into a strong and beautiful plant or tree. It is truly one of nature's miracles! And now that the frost is passed for both Arizona and New Mexico, the time to plant is upon us!

Here are a few additional reasons why you should try growing something green:

Benefits of growing something green
Whether used indoors or outdoors, plants help purify the air from toxins and increase healthy oxygen. When used in your home, plants can improve the air quality and serve as a very low-cost, all-natural air purifier.

- Did you know that NASA used this method to design a livable moon base in the 1970s-80s?
- Also, a research study done at Virginia Tech found that plants can reduce interior dust by 20%.

Plants assist in healing and well-being
Ever notice that healing facilities often have a number of plants in their buildings? Several studies have found that individuals heal more quickly and show lower levels of stress and emotional strain when plants are around.

- Plants can also help prevent illness. In fact, NASA studies have found that plants emit substances that suppress airborne bacteria and mold spores by 50-60% - improving health for you, your loved ones and even your home!

Growing your own produce and/or herbs as a part of emergency preparedness
By growing your own fruits, vegetables and/or herbs, you can save money, increase your health and well-being, and provide emergency preparedness for you and your family.

Whether growing plants in your home or outdoors, now is the time to plant - giving the plants time to root before the summer heat comes in. If you have a black thumb or have never tried gardening before, start small! Plant a citrus tree or keep a few potted herbs in your window - these are easy to maintain and provide great benefits for very little space and effort.

If you have minimal space or do not have any "earth" as part of your home, don't worry! As well as containers, you can create raised garden beds, fill them with soil and plant the varieties of your choice. These can even be done on patios, rooftops, balcanies...etc. When you get creative, you can garden anywhere! Also, try square foot gardening to make the most out of a small garden.

We hope that you will take the chance to celebrate and enjoy the first day of spring and grow something green!

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