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Grow Something Green in Honor of Earth Day!

By April 22, 2013Holidays, Other

Did you know that April is considered Earth Month?  In fact, today, April 22nd is earth day!  At this time of year the world springs back to life after its dormant winter; flowers are budding, birds are singing and we are venturing outdoors more often.  This is the perfect time to honor our great earth by growing something green!

Benefits of growing something green

Whether used indoors or outdoors, plants help purify the air from toxins and increase healthy oxygen.  When used in your home, plants can improve the air quality and serve as a very low-cost, all-natural air purifier.

-         Did you know that NASA used this method to design a livable moon base in the 1970s-80s?

-         Also, a research study done at Virginia Tech found that plants can reduce interior dust by 20%.

Plants assist in healing and well-being

Ever notice that healing facilities often have a number of plants in their buildings? Several studies have found that individuals heal more quickly and show lower levels of stress and emotional strain when plants are around.

-         Plants can also help prevent illness.  In fact, NASA studies have found that plants emit substances that suppress airborne bacteria and mold spores by 50-60% - improving health for you, your loved ones and even your home!

Growing your own produce and/or herbs as a part of emergency preparedness

By growing your own fruits, vegetables and/or herbs, you can save money, increase your health and well-being, and provide emergency preparedness for you and your family.

With the recent freezes this winter, many produce items have become scarce, driving up prices dramatically.  Also, the increase in gas rates is reflected in the prices we pay for our food – especially since our produce is being shipped an average of 1,500 miles before arriving at our local grocery store.  By supplementing home-grown edibles into your life, you can dramatically decrease your grocery bill. Also, if you prefer to eat organic, it is a fraction of the price to grow your own organic produce.

Whether growing plants in your home or outdoors, now is the time to plant – giving the plants time to root before the summer heat comes in.  If you have a black thumb or have never tried gardening before, start small!  Plant a citrus tree or keep a few potted herbs in your window – these are easy to maintain and provide great benefits for very little space and effort.

Growing your own produce is one way to prepare yourself for the storms of life.  Not only do you have a back-up food source in times of need, but through freezing, canning or dehydrating, you can use your own produce to build up your food storage at a fraction of the cost.

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