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I want to talk very bluntly about a very true cliché: “You get what you pay for.” And I will be more than happy to use myself as an example.

About a year ago, my wife and I realized we were paying a ridiculous amount for our cell phones. It wouldn’t always hit us in the face when the monthly bill came, but once we added up how much we were paying over the course of the year, we were really shocked—shocked enough that we decided to look elsewhere for our cell phone service. (Come to think of it, the best thing would have been to stop using cell phones altogether. But c’mon, get real. Who really wants to live that way?)

Let me be clear. Aside from the price of our service, everything else was fantastic. The coverage was great, the customer service was helpful and reliable, and our phones worked just fine. But we paid through the nose.

So we did our research and chose a new company based primarily on price. We took the plunge, terminated our service and tried to embrace the new company, new phones, and everything else that comes with that.

We had our honeymoon period at first where we overlooked minor inconveniences while looking for all the good things this new company had to offer. But all too soon the honeymoon expired and we had to come to grips that this new company was not like the old one, and it probably never would be.

But anytime a call gets dropped, we miss a text message, or we get frustrated with customer service, we tell ourselves “you get what you pay for.” The few dollars extra we had in our bank account wasn’t worth the headaches of the new company.

The cliché is just as true with cell phones as it is with trusts and estate plans. You get what you pay for. You can choose to create your estate plan through a website, a computer program, or even your cousin who almost graduated from high school. When you do, you will get what you pay for – usually.

I can tell you of numerous clients who paid for cheap trusts only to meet later with the attorneys at MH asking us to fix what was done. These clients realize they got what they paid for and they weren’t happy. And what is most unfortunate is that fixing problems later is usually much more difficult – and expensive – than doing it right the first time.

If you had your trust created elsewhere, or if it has been awhile since it was reviewed by an attorney, come and meet with the attorneys at MH for a free consultation. We’ll make sure you get what you paid for – and much more!

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