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Fraud Alert! Estate Planning Con Artists In New Mexico and Arizona!

In the past we have notified you of various fraud attempts that have affected you, our clients. The most common fraud attempt has consisted of various companies that contact individuals that have a recorded deed in the name of a trust. These companies call those on the list and offer to review their trust documents for them. They often infer enough information to make the client assume the company is calling from their own law firm, even though they are not. The company then gets the client to set up an appointment for a review of their trust documents in their home. This leads clients to invite strangers into their homes. Strangers that are attempting to scam them by pretending to be a representative of MH.

Recently a new scam has come to our attention. In this scam, the client is contacted by an individual who claims there is a multimillion dollar estate that has not been claimed. They attempt to get the client to give them funds in order to attain a large portion of the fictional estate. The copy of the document we were forwarded used a poor mock representation of our letterhead and had used attorney and staff names from our website. Unfortunately, we have heard of individuals that have given them large sums of money, believing they were credible. Thankfully, none of these individuals were our clients.

Do not give in to these scams! MH is in no way affiliated with any of these companies or individuals. They are unscrupulous and dishonest. For your safety, we hope you will not let them into your homes. Also, you should never give away funds or important personal or financial information unless you are 100% sure of whom you are speaking to.

At MH we never outsource another company to contact our clients. If you are ever unsure whether a call or email have truly come from MH, contact us on our toll free line at 888.222.1328 to ensure the person you are communicating with is an employee of MH.

We truly care about our clients and their well-being. Please be cautious and ensure you protect yourself and your information. Do not hesitate to contact us and verify if the person you have spoken to is a member of our staff. While we cannot control the unscrupulous actions of these con-artists, we hope that you will take important precautions to avoid being a victim of this scam.

Please contact us if you have any information or have been contacted by these various companies/individuals.

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