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Estate Planning – There’s More To It Than Meets the

By September 26, 2013Estate Planning

If you were to ask me what I would consider a perfect day, one of the top things on my list would be to go to a baseball game. I absolutely love it. I love everything about it: the sights, sounds, smells, atmosphere, etc. However, if you were to ask my wife’s opinion on the matter, she would quickly tell you that she would rather sit and stare at a rock for three hours than watch a baseball game! (Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea.)

She has asked me several times why I enjoy baseball so much. I tell her that I enjoy it because I am able to look beyond just the surface of what is happening and I have gained an appreciation for all the underlying strategy and skill that takes place during every single inning of a baseball game. For example, will the manager use a double switch to create an offensive advantage in a late inning situation? Will a defensive shift pay off or come back to bite the defense? Will the manager send the runners on a 3-2 pitch? Will the pitcher be able to lay down a perfect bunt up the third base line? You get the point. However, to my wife, all she sees is a field with players that try to hit a ball and run when they do hit it. I would be bored, too, if that’s all it was!

Believe it or not, she will also tell you that she has no idea how I do what I do for a living – create extensive documents all day long. And my response to her is that estate planning is very much like baseball. Sure, if you were to look at the trust for what it is – a big stack of papers – it would seem quite dull. However, just like the strategy in baseball mentioned above, estate planning has its own tricks of the trade. There are so many things that can be done with one’s estate and everyone’s family situation is so unique that it will never be possible to have the same estate plan twice. And that’s what makes it so fun!

I love what I do and I love helping families. While I don’t expect you to love estate planning as much as any of your own favorite hobbies, I hope that you will seek out an estate planning attorney that does. Because, after all, you want someone who will recognize there is more to your estate plan than meets the eye.

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You have a number of options when it comes to estate planning, so why pick Morris Hall?  First off, estate planning and asset protection are a very complicated endeavor and you should only trust someone who focuses exclusively on those matters.  Also, MH is a proud member of The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (AAEPA) which provides us additional support, advanced training, tools and information that is not available to others – which means that we can better protect your assets and your loved ones.  We are one of only two firms in Arizona that belong to the AAEPA and are the only firm in New Mexico that has been granted membership.  If you have assets and loved ones that you want to protect, you are in good hands with MH.  Contact us today at 888.222.1328 to schedule an appointment!

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