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Estate Planning Education is Crucial

By November 26, 2013Estate Planning, Other

There have been many elections for school districts in Maricopa County and the rest of Arizona to decide issues concerning budget overrides and the issuance of bonds.  Opposing factions have spent a great deal of time, energy and money in attempts to assure that what they strongly view as important for education will be accomplished most effectively and fairly.

Very few issues touch people to the core as much as education.  The future of our communities and families depends upon the quality of the education young people receive today.  Many participants in the debates about the content and funding of education accuse their opponents of being significantly uneducated.

There is a significant expense in educating the population.  Much care must be given to planning to accomplish this task in the best manner, in order to preserve for society the greatest benefit today and in the future.

In matters of estate planning, there is a need for significant education and efforts to preserve for ourselves and for future generations what we have labored hard to acquire and achieve.  Not only money and fiscal assets are at stake.  There is a need to pass to successors our beliefs, heritage, commitment to excellence, desires to improve, and ability to maintain what we have deemed important.

No one would suppose that our schools would run without a great deal of ongoing planning.

Surprisingly, many of those who give so much to the planning and advancement of education and other public and private enterprises do little in the way of private planning.  The attorneys in our firm meet regularly with families of decedents and incapacitated persons who have done no planning.  It is very expensive and saddening to help pick up the pieces in these cases.

In our personal planning, we don’t need campaign signs and colorful mailers with eye-catching phrases.  However, we do need to spend some time and effort to be sure that what we have is up to date.  What used to be taught in schools, even sometimes just a few short years ago, is not always applicable to what has been learned and applied today.  Similarly, what used to work well in your estate plan, might not be the most effective method of protecting your estate and legacy for you today, and for your beneficiaries in the future.

It would be a good idea, and probably an educational event, to have your estate plan reviewed.  The attorneys at MH would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to advise you of the effect of the many recent changes in laws and strategies that affect your estate plan.

West-final-web-2Contributed by MH Phoenix, Cave Creek and Flagstaff Estate Planning Attorney B. West Hunsaker.  

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