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A good friend of mine is very concerned with how much time that he has left.  In fact, he has determined his life expectancy based on his health, where he lives, what he eats and a number of other factors.  He pretty much knows “by the numbers” when it will be his time.  Sounds a bit morbid doesn’t it?

For every Sunday, from now until he expects to pass away, he has placed a marble in a glass jar.  He  expects that he will live for 40 more years so he has placed 2080 marbles in his glass jar.  That’s a lot of marbles.

Now what?  For every Sunday that passes, he removes a marble.  So he knows how much time he has left. I was very curious as to why he would do this.   His simple answer is, “By knowing how much time I have left, I want to be sure that I make each moment – or marble – count.” The fewer the marbles in the jar, the less time that he has left.  For him it is a constant reminder to not let things pass him by, to take the opportunities, and to make memories.   Those are all good things to do.

However, what results if the unexpected happens and  he really has less than the 2080 marbles originally placed in the jar?  What other planning should be done while you still have plenty of marbles?

Even though the jar looks pretty full, a plan should  be put in place now for his assets, savings and special items.  This is an easier step for him to take than for most people because he has already faced the reality of his death.   It is a great time  to create an estate plan.

We should never take for granted what our ‘expected’ lifetime is.  After all it  is, for all purposes, simply an average.  We all know that something unexpected can happen at any time.

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