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Don’t Rely on an Inheritance to Secure Your Financial Future

It is not often that you hear this, but some people might not be concerned about their retirement. Why? Perhaps they are expecting an inheritance and feel that any additional planning is unwarranted.   Relying on a possible inheritance from your parents or other relatives to fund your retirement should not be your only plan of action.

Before you start counting your dollars, first ask yourself, ‘Do I really know if I am going to receive anything?’   Are you truly listed as the beneficiary on the estate plan?  Unless it is directly spelled out in an estate plan, by Arizona law, parents are not required to include their children as beneficiaries of their estate.  Many clients leave their estate solely to their children and grandchildren. However, parents can choose to leave their estate to others, such as charities, friends and distant family members.  From time to time, clients feel that charities are more deserving of their estate than their children.

In addition to the issue of whether or not you are a beneficiary under a parents’ estate, the issue as to the extent of the inheritance should be looked at as well.  The reality is that many individuals do not pass on an estate.  With the rise in long term care costs, many individuals spend the majority of their wealth prior to death.  In the case that there is an estate left, you should be aware that the median inheritance is around $64,000, according Boston College Center for Retirement Research.  Now, $64,000 is a significant number, however it is not enough to fund an individual’s retirement.

Good planning should not include relying upon the idea that you are entitled to an inheritance.

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