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Don't Forget to Cast Your Vote!

By November 6, 2012Holidays

Today is the much awaited and greatly anticipated election day!  Many feel that this election has been the most intense and most highly debated election that has yet occurred.  Perhaps they are right - the public and the parties certainly seem especially heated and divided.   While there is no perfect answer when choosing between imperfect people (as we all are), we encourage you to vote according to your conscience.  We feel it is important for each adult American to cast their vote and support the form of government our ancestors fought to create in America.  Let us practice the freedom for which many have given their lives to defend!

Despite who wins the election today, we hope that after the results are cast, our nation will unite together once more.  We hope that the divisions that have been created in the heat of the campaigns will be replaced by understanding, patience and a willingness to work together.  A nation divided will crumble, but a nation united will stand strong!

Make sure you cast your vote!  And then, once the results are in, let us take the opportunity to unite our nation and become, once again, proud citizens of a thriving America!

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