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The Difference Between Probate and Nonprobate Assets and Why It Matters

People generally create wills to direct how their estate should be distributed after death. Many believe establishing a will requires a personal representative and/or the probate court to abide by the will’s exact terms. It is generally true that a will’s dispositive directions will be followed if the will is valid. However, a will’s dispositive provisions may be ineffective if the creator of the will (i.e., the Testator or Testatrix) fail to recognize the difference between probate and nonprobate property.

Probate property is directly owned property that does not have a legally recognized death beneficiary designation. An individual bank account that does not have a payable-on-death designation or tangible personal property, such as jewelry, artwork, or family heirlooms are examples of probate property.

Nonprobate property is property that possesses a legally recognizable death beneficiary designation. Individual bank accounts that have a payable-on-death designation or real property that is held in joint tenancy are examples of nonprobate assets.

It is important to understand the distinction between these types of property because nonprobate assets, which provide for their own beneficiary designation, will not pass under the terms of the will. Therefore, if a will’s provisions require that all assets pass to a child, but half of those assets are nonprobate assets containing death beneficiary designations of someone other than child, then the child will be entitled to only half of the estate.

These are just a couple of the reasons it is important to understand the difference between probate and nonprobate assets.  If you plan to establish an estate plan, the attorneys at Morris Hall will assist you in determining the types of assets you have and will provide you options to help ensure your desires are met.

Phoenix, AZ Estate and Trust Lawyer Darren RichardsonContributed by MH Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney Darren L. Richardson.

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