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A well thought out, and properly drafted, estate plan can protect you, your assets, and your loved ones throughout the course of your life and even after you are gone. Given the purpose and importance of your estate plan, care should be taken when choosing an estate planning attorney to assist you with the creation of your plan. At Morris Hall PLLC we understand how important your plan is to you which is why we are dedicated to helping our Tuscon, Arizona friends and neighbors create a plan that achieves their current estate planning goals and that provides a solid foundation on which to build in the future.

Tucson, Arizona

Located in southern Arizona, just 60 miles north of the current border with the country of Mexico, Tucson was probably first visited by Paleo-Indians, known to have been in southern Arizona about 12,000 years ago. The groups designated as the Hohokam lived in the area from AD 600 to 1450 and are known for their vast irrigation canal systems and their red-on-brown pottery. During the Spanish period of the presidio, attacks such as the Second Battle of Tucson were repeatedly mounted by Apaches. Eventually the town came to be called "Tucson" and became a part of the state of Sonora after Mexico gained independence from the Kingdom of Spain and its Spanish Empire in 1821. Arizona, south of the Gila River, was obtained via treaty from Mexico in the Gadsden Purchase on June 8, 1854. Tucson became a part of the United States of America, although the American military did not formally take over control until March 1856. From August 1861 to mid-1862, Tucson was the western capital of the Confederate Arizona Territory; however, in late 1862, the California Column drove the Confederate forces out of Arizona whereupon Tucson and all of what is now Arizona became part of New Mexico Territory. In 1863, Tucson finally became part of the new Arizona Territory and was incorporated in 1877, making it the oldest incorporated city in Arizona.

By 1900, Tucson had a population of about 7,500 residents. Following the first World War, many veterans who had been gassed and were in need of respiratory therapy sought the clean dry air found in Tucson. The city continued to grow over the remainder of the 20th Century, reaching a population of over 500,000 by the beginning of the 21st Century and covering over 200 square miles. Tucson, however, is part of the Tucson-Nogales combined statistical area which has a population of more than double that of the city of Tucson alone.

Morris Hall PLLC in the Tucson, Arizona Community

The estate plan you create today should protect and provide for you and your loved ones for many years to come.  Consequently, choosing the right lawyer to help you create that plan should be a priority. At Morris Hall PLLC we understand how important your estate plan is to you and we are dedicated to helping you develop a plan that accomplishes all of your current and future estate planning goals.

We work very hard to develop and nurture lasting relationships with our estate planning clients because estate planning is not something that is completed in one sitting and then forgotten – at least not when it is done properly. Instead, your estate plan is something that will need to be reviewed and updated throughout the course of your life as your needs and objectives change. When you first sit down to create an estate plan your primary concern may be simply ensuring that you do not leave behind an intestate estate. Consequently, a Last Will and Testament may be all you need. As you move through the various stages of your life, however, that Will may become inadequate to protect your assets and your loved ones. As such, you may find that you need to include additional components into your estate plan, such as an incapacity planning component or probate avoidance strategies. A trust may be needed to protect your minor child’s inheritance. As the value of your estate grows, you will need to consider tax avoidance and asset protection tools as well. Finally, as you look toward your “Golden Years,” you will want to incorporate your retirement plans into your estate plan and add Medicaid planning to your comprehensive estate plan along with funeral and burial planning tools to ensure that your final wishes are honored. At the Tucson, Arizona law firm of Morris Hall PLLC, we plan to be with you throughout the course of your lifetime to ensure that your estate plan reflects your needs and desires.

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