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Captain Dan R. Morris: The Glory Days of MH's Fearless Leader

By November 11, 2011Veterans

Captain Dan R. Morris served in the United States Air Force for five years during the Vietnam War. He pursued the Air Force due to his lack of excitement over having to "carry a rifle and sleep in the mud." While he had wanted to be a pilot, he was prevented due to his imperfect vision. Dan attended training base in Waco, Texas where he was asked to join the pistol team as he was an expert marksman. He chose, instead to pursue navigation.

Dan was stationed out of Grand Forks, North Dakota where it was, "colder than blue blazes and the wind never stopped blowing." As an Arizona native, he claims that was enough cold weather to last him the rest of his life. While at Grand Forks, Dan flew two missions to Spain where he also served as a courier. Due to his top secret clearance, they would handcuff a briefcase to him and send him to various destinations to carry confidential information.

Dan also flew in a KC 135 from Guam to Vietnam on tours to refuel the fighter jets mid-air, enabling them to return for a second attack. While the KC 135 was a very safe and stable plane, it was considered a "sitting firebomb" in the war zone due to its large size and high fuel capacity.

After five years of service Dan attended the University of Arizona to attain his Juris Doctor. While he loved to fly, it was not the career that he wanted to pursue. Dan is proud to have served his country and proud to be an American!

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