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Should I use a living trust to distribute my estate?

By October 15, 2019

For most people, a Last Will and Testament serves as the foundation of their original estate plan. As that plan grows, however, the option to switch to a trust as the primary distribution method is often considered. Whether you want to use a Will or a trust to distribute your estate is something that can truly only be decided after consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney; however, there are some common considerations when deciding whether a Will or a trust should be used. If your estate is small enough to qualify for small estate administration, and you do not have minor children (nor plan to have any in the near future), a simple Will may be all you really need. If, however, your estate is large enough that probate avoidance is a consideration and/or you do have minor children who will inherit from your estate, you may wish to consider relying on a living trust as your primary distribution tool within your estate plan.