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Can a Trust Help Keep My Gifts Private?

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or most people, one of the primary motivations for creating an estate plan is to ensure that their estate assets are distributed according to their wishes after they are gone. Most people also use a Last Will and Testament as the estate planning tool of choice to achieve that goal – at this in their initial estate plan. As your estate and your family grow, however, you may recognize the need to expand your estate plan as well.

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Charitable Trusts Explained

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Are you a philanthropist at heart? If so, giving is likely part of every aspect of your life. You undoubtedly have several charities or causes that are dear to your heart and to which you devote both time and money on a regular basis. If so, you also probably wish to include those causes in your estate plan as well. Including outright gifts to your chosen charities is one simple way to accomplish that goal; however, it is neither the only way nor the best way for most people to incorporate charitable gifting in their estate plan.

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Prenuptial Agreements Can Provide Remarriage Protection

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Requiring a prenuptial agreement before your spouse remarries can provide peace of mind and protect your spouse, your children, and their inheritance. If you leave your assets in a trust for your spouse and children, you can require your spouse obtain a prenuptial agreement before remarriage. This can protect your loved ones. Read on to find out more about prenuptial agreements.

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