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Blended Families Create a Mixture of Estate Planning Options

By January 20, 2013Estate Planning

While not the first televised blended family, The Brady Bunch is perhaps the first show to truly address blended families and the complications of joining two families together.

If you take a look at society today, you will notice that the so called “modern family” is not what it used to be. Gone are the days where the majority of married couples only had that one marriage during their lifetimes and only having joint children in that one marriage. Whether for good or for bad, times have changed and it has become more and more common to see blended families.  These families general come from a second or third marriage for one or both of the partners.  As these families are joined together in these marriages, the children of that family are either step-siblings or half-siblings with each other. Every situation and every family is unique. Because each situation is different, every estate plan needs to be carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of each blended family.

I’d like to give some examples of the types of questions you should consider if you are planning for your unique, blended family situation:

  • Depending on which one of the spouses dies first, how will the estate be divided?
  • Do I and my spouse want to keep our separate property separate and our joint property joint?
  • If I pass away first, do I want my surviving spouse to have access to my separate property during the remainder of his/her lifetime?
  • If I pass away first, do I want my children to have a say in how my surviving spouse spends the money from my estate?
  • Should the surviving spouse be required to get a prenuptial agreement before getting remarried in order to protect the deceased spouses’ assets?
  • How will we keep the step-siblings (children) from quarreling over the division of assets, even though everyone gets along great right now?
  • Can we choose someone now, during our lifetimes, to help settle disputes amongst beneficiaries after we pass away?
  • Can we place restrictions on when and how our children receive their inheritance?
  • Will our distribution pattern be different for our joint assets as opposed to our separate assets?

So after all of that, is your head spinning? Estate planning is personal and distinct for each family. I can promise you that those kinds of questions cannot be answered or addressed in an estate plan created over the internet nor by using the various software programs available.

If you find yourself wondering how to answer those questions, please call us today and schedule a free consultation. After all, estate planning is our passion and we’d love to show you how a MH Estate Plan can address all those issues and more.

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