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Beneficiaries with Addictions

The people we care about are not always perfect.  It can be painful to watch a loved one engage in self-destructive behavior.  Leaving funds to a beneficiary with an alcohol, gambling, or substance abuse problem, has the potential to cause that beneficiary more harm than good.  A frank, open conversation with an estate planning attorney is the best starting point to address this type of issue.

A trust can be a powerful tool in addressing beneficiary issues because it enable you to direct the flow of distributions to beneficiaries.  Giving a trustee the discretion to make an otherwise authorized distribution is a good starting point.  Structuring the trust to reflect concerns regarding alcohol or substance abuse, if done correctly, has the potential to protect your bequest and the beneficiary.

A key component to trustee discretion, is making sure your successor stays current on the status of a troubled beneficiary.  If there is a known problem, the trustee can obtain a HIPAA consent form from the beneficiary to gain information on any health evaluations or rehabilitation efforts.  Requesting this type of disclosure will also indicate whether the beneficiary will be combative or cooperative moving forward.

If a beneficiary demonstrates signs of addiction, prompt and proper action by a trustee can make all the difference.  The choice of trustee in this situation is critical. The ideal candidate will be able to make difficult decisions and act in the best interest of the beneficiary.  Working through these types of estate planning issues, and addressing all related questions, should be accomplished with an estate planning and administration attorney.  As always, the attorneys at MH are available to discuss your concerns.

Phoenix, AZ Estate Planning Attorney Andrea ClausContributed by MH Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney, Andrea Claus.

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