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Arizona Death Probate Limit - From Tucson Estate Planning Attorney

By January 13, 2013Estate Planning

What is a Death Probate?

It is a court process to determine who shall receive your assets when you die. A probate proceeding is expensive and can delay the distribution of those assets for up to 2 years. Each state has its own monetary limits which trigger a probate. In Arizona, a probate is triggered if a person dies owning assets (bank account, investments, retirement accounts, insurance, property, etc.) in their name, without a beneficiary designation, totaling more than $50,000.  A probate is also triggered if a person dies with real estate in their name alone that totals more than $75,000.

As you can see the probate limits in Arizona are fairly easy to reach. Therefore, it is important to determine now who you would like to receive your assets once you die, while avoiding a costly probate process.

How can I avoid a death probate?

There are a few options to avoid your assets going through a death probate when you die. First, naming beneficiaries on all of your assets will avoid a death probate, but it will not avoid a Living Probate (Guardianship/Conservatorship) should you become incapacitated. Second, adding a co-owner to your account(s) will avoid a death probate on the first to pass away, leaving the asset(s) titled solely in the name of the survivor. Unfortunately, the survivor of the account may not be the person that contributed the bulk of the funds to the account(s), nor the person you would want to receive the account(s) when you die.  If you go this route, make sure you update it if you change your mind about whom you want to receive that account after your death.  The last option, creating a Revocable Living Trust, will avoid both a death probate and living probate. A Trust not only avoids both probates, but it ensures easy administration and management of your assets during your life and when you pass away.

Because Arizona has a low probate threshold, it is vital you contact an estate planning attorney to discuss your individual estate planning options to meet your objectives and goals of having your loved ones avoid a probate when you die.


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