Albuquerque, New Mexico Elder Law Resources

Over the last several decades, the population of older adults in the United States has grown to historical proportions due in large part to the fact that the Baby Boomer generation is now entering their retirement years. As a natural consequence of the explosion of seniors in the U.S., issues that concern the elderly have also taken on a heightened importance to society and to the legal community. Whether you are nearing your “Golden Years” yourself, or you are the caregiver for someone who is, there are a number of resources available to help you with the elder law issues you may face. To take advantage of those resources, however, you must know how and where to find them.  To get you started, however, the estate planning attorneys at Morris Hall PLLC have put together the following Albuquerque, New Mexico elder law resources.

Local Government and Law Enforcement

As a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico it is always a good idea to have some of the more frequently used local government resources handy. Many of those can be found on the City of Albuquerque’s  official website.  The website offers telephone numbers and contact information for most city departments as well as helpful information about the city itself. Do you need to know when your trash will be collected? That’s on the website.  Looking for bus routes and schedules? That’s there as well. You can even find the contact information for the city’s Senior Affairs office. It is equally important to be able to quickly and easily navigate to emergency contact information such as the Albuquerque Police Department which serves residents who live within the city limits. If you live outside the city limits you will need to contact the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department.

Hospitals and Emergency Care

As we age, our bodies start to suffer the effects of the natural aging process. For many seniors, this means more frequent doctor visits and an increase in injuries and illnesses that require hospitalization. If you find yourself in need of immediate care for an acute or chronic medical condition, the following hospitals are available in the area:

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Home Health Care

There may also come a time when you realize that long-term care is needed. Whether that means daily home health care assistance or a permanent move to an area nursing home, Albuquerque offers numerous options from which to choose, including:

  • Princeton Place – “offers two specialized areas of service: transitional care for patients who are undergoing physical or psychological therapy after a medical event and long term care for the elderly who need ongoing assistance for daily life.”
  • Las Palomas Center – “specializing in in Residential Care and Skilled Nursing.”
  • Life Spire Assisted Living – “live in a home that is full of life, where residents maintain their independence, dignity and privacy.”
  • MorningStar of Albuquerque – “Dedicated to making your retirement years carefree.”
  • Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice – “Whether to prevent hospitalization, recover from illness or injury, or to offer companionship and support to people and their families who are living with terminal illness, we offer a full range of services.”
  • Mi Casa -- “provides quality, ethical, and reliable homemaker, home health aide, and skilled services.”

Leisure Time

Retirement no longer means an end to your social life. On the contrary, most seniors enjoy an active social life as long as they are able to do so. If you are looking for places to mingle or meet new friends, try the Bear Canyon Senior Center, Highland Senior Center, or Beralas Senior Center . If you are a veteran, Albuquerque offers several VFW Posts that may interest you.

State and Federal Assistance

Many state and federal resources and assistance programs are geared specifically at seniors. An excellent example is the New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department.  Many seniors also qualify for assistance from the Social Security disability or Social Security retirement program. For information, including application instructions, visit the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) website. If you are a veteran, or the surviving spouse or dependent of a veteran, you may also be entitled to a number of benefits through the Veteran’s Administration. Along with well-known benefits such as pension and disability benefits, you might qualify for additional benefits you may not be familiar with, such as Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefits.  Once you reach retirement age, you will likely be automatically enrolled in the Medicare program. Although basic Medicare is free to all seniors, Medicare actually has four parts and the other three parts may come with a premium. If you have questions about a covered service or need to find a provider, the official Medicare website can help.  In addition, if you need long-term care at some point the New Mexico Centennial Care is their Medicaid for seniors program may be able to help. To apply for Centennial Care benefits, navigate to the YesNM website.

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