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After Four Months, Judge Declares that Sherman Hemsley of TV’s “The Jeffersons” Can Finally be Buried

By November 19, 2012Celebrity Estates

Sherman Hemsley, the actor that played George Jefferson in the TV sitcom “The Jeffersons,” passed away from lung cancer on July 24th.  Unfortunately, nearly four months later, Hemsley still has not been buried.  His body is being kept in refrigerated storage at an El Paso funeral home while disputes over his burial have been heard out in court.

Hemsley created a Will which named his friend and agent Flora Enchinton Bernal as the executor of his estate, giving her the right to handle his affairs, including his burial.  However, Richard Thornton recently came forward with the claim that he was Hemsley’s half-brother and asked the courts to give him the right of burial and a claim on the estate.  Thornton’s DNA was tested and showed that there was a 99.99% probability that he and Hemsley were half-brothers.

Over the course of the last several months, these two individuals have been fighting over the rights of the estate.  To determine who has the rights, the Will needed to be proved as valid to support Bernal’s claims, or as invalid to support the claims of Thornton.  Thornton’s daughter says that her father is not pursuing the case for the money.  In fact, Hemsley’s estate is only worth around $50,000.

Multiple witnesses were called forth and they all testified that Hemsley was competent and of sound mind around the time the will was created and even during its creation.  The attorney he used stated that Hemsley “said he wanted all of his possessions, whatever they were, to pass to Ms. Bernal.  At no point did I ever suspect he lacked capacity, based on my 50 years experience as a lawyer.”

The judge has ruled that the will is valid and has given Bernal the right to proceed with funeral arrangements.  However, Thornton states that he will file an appeal and continue to fight to have his half-brother buried in their home town.  With another court battle looming ahead, it could be some time before Hemsley is finally laid to rest.

Situations such as these are precisely why we recommend our clients create a living trust.  We stress the fact that a will does not avoid probate since the very purpose of probate proceedings is to “prove the will.”  Even if you have a small estate, like Hemsley, your loved ones may find themselves in a prolonged court battle.  Make sure this doesn’t happen by creating an MH Estate Plan.

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