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For more than four decades, Morris Hall has been providing quality legal services for its clients seeking opportunities to preserve wealth and estate assets through estate preservation plans. In fact, estate planning, asset preservation and probate law have been our only areas of practice. We are proud of our record of helping thousands of individuals of all levels of wealth and assets, people concerned about protecting their families from the devastating legal and financial effects of disability and death. As a proven way to protect families from the expenses and delays of probate, to minimize or eliminate federal and state taxes, to protect against the expense and grief of incapacity, and to avoid having to spend all assets before qualifying for long-term care, the firm has championed the use of revocable living trusts.

Morris Hall provides documents, plan reviews and strategies that simply cannot be duplicated by law firms that are not members of the selective American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. No other law firm has the capacity to provide the expertise and knowledge that membership in the AAEPA offers. Simply put, at Morris Hall, you have the experience, skill and knowledge of the leading estate planning professionals in the nation backing your goals.

Meeting Your Specific Goals with Unique Strategies

Every member of our legal team and client service staff is committed to helping you and your family accomplish your estate planning goals. By providing clear explanations, deep insight and unsurpassed knowledge of federal and state tax laws, we take the mystery out of the planning and estate preservation process. We recognize that unforeseen events, both positive and negative, often occur. We approach each client’s asset protection needs with an eye toward the full range of possibilities: the expected, the unexpected, the traditional and the unique. In doing so, we help clients create and execute effective strategies for protecting themselves, their loved ones and their investments.

Members of AAEPA • AV Rated* • Certified Public Accountants

As members of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, our firm offers a wide range of advantages and benefits that place us in a unique position to handle the most complex financial matters. For example, we can provide you with access to a nationwide network of qualified attorneys who can assist you with out-of-state transfers of title, provide help should you move to another state or simply offer a referral to an out-of-state friend or family member who needs estate planning help. In addition, the academy provides members with tremendous legal, technical and practice management support to ensure that we provide high-quality estate planning services to our clients.

Clear Answers to Complex Questions

Our attorneys frequently present estate planning seminars to accountants, attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, business associations, special interest groups and the public. Our trust and other planning documents are explained in straightforward language that clients, successors and beneficiaries can understand. Our knowledgeable staff has helped ease the burden on those who face incapacity and on family members left behind. By taking advantage of these services today, you can relieve loved ones of needless attorneys fees and government interference in settling estates. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected.

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