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A Student’s Golden Question

My grandfather recently passed away. He was a great man and our family misses him very much. After his passing, my mother (his daughter) took a few days off from her work as a reading teacher at a local elementary school to mourn, spend time with family, and collect her thoughts before returning to work

When she returned, her young students inquisitively asked her where she had been during her absence. She somberly told them that her Dad had died, and she took some time off to be with her family. One of the students asked what his name was, so she told them. Another student then asked what her mother’s name is, so my mother proceeded to tell them that, too. The last question pretty much stunned her, though, when a young boy inquired, “So how much money did you get?!?”

She was taken aback, but found it hysterical at the same time. She never would have imagined that such a young child would associate death with receiving money! It makes you kind of wonder the conversations are going on at that child’s home, right? Our whole family got a good laugh out of that.

My point in telling this story is that more than just money gets passed on to future generations when someone we love passes. Ethics, values, heritage, and legacy are all words that conjure up emotions and thoughts as we think of those members of our family who have passed on. And I would venture to guess that those emotions and feelings mean more to each of us than money.

Estate planning means more than just passing on money. There are ways to ensure that your legacy and heritage live on in those that come after you. If you would
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