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A Snapshot in Time: What Do Estate Planning and Photography Have in Common?

By June 30, 2012Estate Planning

We have all done it.  Those special occasions – graduations, birthdays and weddings – when the cameras come out and we take a picture, capturing an important moment.  We create a snapshot of an emotion, a celebration – a moment captured forever.  We want to capture our loved ones and special moments in a way that will forever hold those memories for years, and even generations, to come.

What is great about those photographs is that we have something tangible we can refer to at a later date.  We can re-live those moments, remember the excitement or the pride that we were feeling that day and even share those experiences with other through the images we took.  For all purposes – a photograph is a way of retaining a living memory.  That memory can be refreshed and rejuvenated for as long as the picture is around to be viewed, long after the moment is gone.  Often a photograph can help us remember loved ones that have since passed away.  A photograph in time can live forever as a part of our history.

Estate planning and its documents serve a very similar purpose. These documents capture a persons wants, desires, and needs in much the same way as a photograph does.  In fact, your documents can help explain things when you are either unable to due to incapacity or death.  In these papers you can describe and explain what you are thinking, feeling and your desires for your loved ones and your hard-earned possessions.  This helps your loved ones to know a little more about you even when you are unable tell them.  Many people find it difficult to express their feelings verbally and have even chosen to write touching letters in their estate plan to ensure their family knows how much they loved them and how much they desire their future success and happiness.

When you are gone – your estate planning documents live on, providing the guidance of your wishes to your loved ones and family. In many ways they too are a snapshot in time.

Preserving the special events and moments in pictures is something that we don’t think twice about – we know the value of those images.  Estate planning should be no different, for these documents and the security they provide are priceless.

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