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Have You Created a Plan to Distribute Your "Stuff?"

By January 6, 2013Estate Planning

When we think about estate planning and preparing for where our monetary estate goes after we pass away, are we forgetting about our non-financial assets? Examples of non-financial assets could be the family cheese log recipe, the antique piano, great-grandmother’s cuckoo  clock, etc. These assets are not like bank and investment accounts because they don’t have titles or account numbers.

Should we plan for where our non-financial assets go after we pass away? The answer is yes! However, planning for non-financial assets seldom occurs. Often people think about doing it, but never get around to it. When this lack of planning happens, contention can arise between family members arguing over your various “stuff.” Sometimes the argument over “stuff” ends up in the lap of a judge who has to determine where the non-financial assets should go. The court process is never cheap and wastes the money from the estate, and the beneficiaries.

What planning could be done to avoid the possibility of dividing the family or involving a court process?  The planning for non-financial assets is very simple and entails a basic 3 step process which can be done without any legal assistance. First, on paper simply describe the non-financial asset.  Second, identify who shall receive the particular asset when you pass away. And finally, sign and date this list.

The completed list of non-financial assets should be placed with your Revocable Living Trust or Last Will, so that your family members will easily locate it. It’s important on a yearly basis to review all estate planning documents you have, either for law changes or personal changes; and it is equally important to review the non-financial asset list regularly as well.

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